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4 min readJul 13, 2023

Near Social is a decentralized social data protocol built on the NEAR Protocol blockchain. It aims to empower users with ownership of their data and enable them to choose how and with whom they share their data. Near Social provides a range of features and functionalities that are designed to improve data privacy and security for users. Here are the burrow widgets on NEAR social:

Burrow Cash Repay Widget

The Burrow Cash Repay Widget is a tool that allows users to repay their debts on Burrow Cash through Near social. There are two different features available for repayment: “Repay from supplied” and “Repay from wallet”.

“Repay from supplied” enables users to repay their debt only with the assets they have supplied as collateral, rather than using any other assets they may have in their wallet. On the other hand, “Repay from wallet” requires an FT (fungible token) on the user’s wallet. It is important to note that because the debt on Burrow Cash is constantly growing, the Repay Widget feature slightly increases the deposit to compensate for any delays during the transaction. widget

With the widget, users can easily deposit assets into their Burrow account, as well as borrow assets from the platform as needed. The widget also includes a feature for repaying borrowed assets, which can be a critical function for managing debt and avoiding unnecessary interest payments. Additionally, the widget allows users to claim rewards in $BRRR, the native token of Burrow, which can be earned through various activities on the platform.

Borrow Widget |

The Borrow Widget allows users to borrow assets from a list of available options on the platform. Users can select the asset they want to borrow and the amount they need, and the widget will provide them with the necessary details, including the interest rate, collateral ratio, and liquidation price.

Deposit Widget |

Users can easily add their supported assets to the platform and start earning rewards in $BRRR using this widget. To use the Deposit Widget, users need to select the asset they want to deposit from the list of supported assets. Then, they need to specify the amount they want to deposit and confirm the transaction. The widget will display the current exchange rate and the estimated amount of $BRRR rewards that the user can earn from the deposit.

Supplied Assets Widget |

This widget displays a comprehensive list of all the tokens currently available on Burrow. This widget provides users with the opportunity to view each token’s Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and liquidity. Additionally, the widget allows users to filter the tokens by different categories such as yield, liquidity, or price, to make it easier for them to find the assets that suit their investment goals.

Burrow Portfolio Widget | Burrow Cash

This widget provides an overview of their entire portfolio of tokens on the connected account. The widget displays the current APY, or annual percentage yield, of each asset in the portfolio, as well as the quantity deposited and the dollar value of the tokens. This allows users to track the performance of their investments and adjust their portfolios as necessary.

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